Are You Living Your Dream or Your Destiny?

I have been giving a lot of thought lately about the difference between living your dream and living your destiny. Many of us think they are one in the same, and they may be, but what if they are not?
What if your Dream is a method of living your Destiny, or if your Dream, gives you the tools to live your Destiny?
Like many of us in NLP I only see this concept when I am working with it in others, and somehow I am blind to it in myself. Sort of like research bias, you see what you wish to, or in this case I am blind to it as maybe I cannot see it, OR maybe my (your) subconscious knows we are not ready to handle it.
I have worked with many clients who dream of something and have done things toward it, but they seem to be constantly pulled in another direction and they enjoy that and can’t reconcile the dream with the destiny.
In the movie “Field of Dreams” the town doctor had dreamt of playing Pro baseball, and made it to the majors, but never got to bat. He decided to become a Doctor.
When The field of dreams was built, the now elderly doctor stepped onto the field of dreams and was at bat with the greatest players in history. At this pivotal moment when he was going to live his dream, a young girl was injured and needed a doctor to live, but if he stepped out of the dream he never could return.
He saved the girls life. When asked he said he did not get to live his dream, but it allowed him to live his destiny.
Lets look deeper, the skills of making, if only for a moment, to the pro’s the skills needed. DRIVE, DISCIPLNE, DESIRE, &  FOCUS among others.
He also had the dream and could enjoy it without bitterness, and take joy watching other excel at it.
I have been blessed with a Dream and a Destiny. I love theater and acting and still enjoy it, but it seems my Destiny has lead me in another direction.
As a trainer I use theater skills in teaching and presentations, and of course in story telling. It also gave me a perspective of having something and though my own choices, losing it. I had to let it go in order to reclaim it, in a new form.
Now the NLP and Hypnosis gave me something to bring back into theater. The circle of life.
When I work with a client who is stuck in a circle of chasing a dream, we need to explore if maybe their destiny is somewhere else.
So what is your Dream and is it tied into your Destiny? Can one drive the other?
Lets explore this more next time…..
Gods Speed

Leading From The Inside

How To Lead from the Inside
When one thinks of growth both personal and professional it is best to model those that have achieved success and focus on not on what they did, but the thought processes that drove them to this mission. Here are some items that highly successful people, and organizations tend to do better than the others.
1 Stay true to who you are for your clients and customers, do not be defined by who they are against. Stay on your path and let the others (competition) fight. By this focus you tend not to over react get into turf wars. Basically do what you do and focus on how you help your target markets get their goals.
2. Staying persistent and driven does not mean being inflexible, staying rigid will eventually break you as you grow through time, especially in today’s turbulent times. A Palm tree grows because it can bend. It also allows you to adjust your goals.
3. Develop good habits, many think of habits as a negative, but it is your subconscious programming, so train your subconscious or precociousness to react in positive ways to ensure your success.
4. Never get comfortable or complacent, Always strive to try new things or old things in new ways. This maintains growth and a new flow of things into your life and mission.
5.Always assume you do not know enough or that you have all the answers. In the current environment you have to seek new ways to accomplish your goals. Seek to add and improve your mind. This does not mean appear to have lack of confidence, but the opposite as true confidence is open to new ideas.
6. Put others before yourself, ask how you can help your clients, family and friend each day, service is the pathway to ongoing true success.
7. You do not have to be perfect, mistake are how you grow. Perfect is the enemy of excellent. Any top athlete can point to the setbacks each season as how they grow their game. If you wait for the perfect opportunity, or have that proposal perfect the opportunity slips away. Also do not hide your mistakes they make you human, and others can learn from them.
8. Let your passions and mission define you not your fears. Much like #1 stand  for what you love. If you let the fears dominate you will attract it to you.
9. Be loyal, to your clients, your mission, your students, your people and lastly yourself. Today’s corporate, political, and educational world decry the lack of loyalty, but they have forgotten loyalty starts at the top and must run both ways. You can hold people accountable without throwing them under the bus Also it allows people to make mistakes and correct them.
10. Be reflective as reflection allows the subconscious mind to review actions, beliefs, attitudes and adjust them, the great leaders, inventors, educators, and change agents spend time reflecting on what they are doing, how they are doing it, and what can they do better.
I hope to see you on the road to happy destiny.
Gods Speed till next time