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A survey reveals many American couples are still “intensely in love” even after a decade together–and hints at the reasons why: During America’s most popular TV event, the Superbowl, one much-anticipated advertisement featuring supermodel Adriana Lima painted a pretty sad state of affairs with regards to love.
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New Vision for Psychotherapy?

Even though many of us do not practice clinical psychology or psycho therapy this is a fascinating read. It was recently on the Florida Psychology Association (which I am a member)
Although many psychologists might quibble about some problems in living not being solely reducible to biology, despite the prevalence of the medical model under the sway of “BigPharm” and “Mangled Care,” few psychologists these days would quibble with psychoses being seen as predominantly biological.  Essentially in the US, psychologists have relinquished this whole area of practice to psychiatry.  Yet many of our colleagues across the “puddle” see it otherwise — see   and the report from the British Psychological Society at  From this vantage, even the weird experiences and behaviors of psychoses can be amenable to effective psychological treatment–and not just relegated to so-called “medication management,” which is the position I have long held.
As hypnotist and NLPers this is welcome news as we know we can effect change with the magic of the words and by passing the critical factors and changing the subconscious. We also know that the mind can, and does shift the biology. This could bode well for us as we move forward.

A Secret Revealed!

Martin Luther King. Tony Robbins, Bill Clinton, Zig Ziglar, JFK, Gandhi, Brendon Burchard, Barack Obama, Winston Churchill, Depak Chopra, what do they all have in common?  They reached the heights of their fields using the spoken word. Why?

Martin Luther King was not the first preacher to speak for civil rights.

Tony Robbins did not invent NLP or teach it differently (at first).

Bill Clinton was not the first Governor to run for president.

Zig Ziglar was not the first sales trainer.

JFK was not the first war hero to run for president.

Ghandi was not the first leader to want to break from British rule.

Bendon Bruschard is not the first to talk of following your passions.

Barack Obama is one of many senators who ran for president.

Winston Churchill was not the first, (or sadly) the last wartime leader.

Depak Chopra was not the first medical doctor to speak of health.

Many people want to truly impact the world with their message, They have a passion to share but they do not know how. They do not know the way, or it has been blocked.

Throughout history those that are able to share their passion, strength, and hope can inspire millions. However the ability to do this is a closely guarded secret, and many who do manage to break through really can’t share with you how they did it. The what makes them, them.

Then the powers that be will stifle and block others who try to break through. You know this.

Do you have a dream, do you have a special message you would like to get out, a burning desire you want to share with the world? But you have never been able to
breakthrough, maybe not to millions, but to those who desperately need your message.

Its not your fault, you may have the idea but no one has shown you how to do it. Those that say they can usually want to stifle you, or they steal your message. They may have a vested interest in keep you down.

Very few know how do this, and the select few who do usually have no interest in sharing this info. They use it for themselves and they do not want competition. You have suspected this, have you not?

I am like you, but sad to say and admit, I too have been lead off the path. Recently I came across some notes I took when I was talking with Ormand McGill, the Dean of American Hypnotists, and it started me thinking about our conversation and started me praying and meditating on where I am and where I want to be. Then I had a dream that made it become crystal clear. I have spent 30 years developing a skill set and have enjoyed every step of the way and it has lead me all over the world.

The dream made me realize lately I have been teaching and exploring areas of the mind that interest me, and although useful, have gotten me off my true passion and what my mission is: To create the next leaders in human development, the cutting edge Hypnosis, NLP and mind trainers. To help shape the future by shaping the next leaders. 

To do this I had to break the code of what makes those I mentioned at the top who they are and help you install this in yourself. I have been training Master Trainers in NLP for years and suddenly realized that is only part of the what they need to truly excel.

To accomplish this we will have to coach you through a process to rip out those old beliefs and get you going on a path few have the courage to follow, their destiny. It is not for everybody, only those who are committed to leading the world in a new direction.

Can it be done? Put aside politics for a minute, but in 2006 Barack Obama was a little known senator from Illinois who RAPIDLY became leader of the free world. Can you think back to our excited many were about his Message? Hope & Change. He dared to lead and share his message with the world.

We need to break though those barriers put up by the select few who want to hold you and me back. I know that you, like me, want to see this happen. Join me, I am reaching out.

I have decide the upcoming Master Trainer course will not only teach you how to become an elite trainer, but we will spend the first few weeks helping you, through private and group coaching, to shape you into the mental warrior you want top be and also fine tune your message so it can impact the world, or the group you so desire to help.

This is limited opportunity and I can’t help everyone, only those that have the courage to take action, NOW. Is that you??

You have to contact me and apply. Not everyone will be allowed in.

Look for a video of this subject soon!

So if you have a message you want to share, A passion that needs to be let out, now is the time.

Join me on the road to Happy Destiny.


NLP Master Trainer Certification- LIVE TRAINING December 6-11,2014
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA Regularly $3995.00  Now! $1995

Just added USA Nov 17 to 21, 2014 Venice Florida! Call for Info on this one and if you qualify!!
William D. Horton, Psy. D. CAC is a Licensed Psychologist who has been at the cutting edge of NLP for over 25 years. He was responsible for the shortening and making NLP more accessible.He “Broke the Code” and silence of NLP and teaches the inner  secrets of NLP. He is one of the handful of non police to attend the FBI  Crises/Hostage course at the FBI Academy. He has won more awards in the field of Hypnosis and NLP from independent organi:ations than anyone. He was one of the 6 chosen to be a 1l1aster instructor for the National Guild of Hypnotists.He has written articles and books on the subject.
He has taken NLP all over the world and loves to share the inner  working of the mind.
Would  you like  to be one of the few people  that  are  shaping the  future of NLP?  Would  you  like  to a leader in the field and help  to affect  a drastic positive differ·ence in people’s lives?
Many people think about it, but few have the courage and fortitude to accept the responsibility for changing the world. Many are called few are chosen.
I  see  a  true  need   for  highly   skilled,  expertly  trained  Master   Trainers  to  take  NLP  and  the  NFNLP methodology   to  the next  level  by  training  the  next  level  of  NLP  Master  Trainers  who  train  new  NLP Trainers. It is time for a new level of cutting edge NLP and Waking Hypnosis trainers  to come forth!
Just as film makers create powerful  emotional  responses in people with their use of color, mood, tone, mood, and a singer uses their voice and inflection,  and writers use the written word to touch our subconscious, we as Master Trainers can touch people at deep subconscious levels with our trainings and presentations.
•      To Train  Basic  NLP one has to operate one level and track two levels of thought  and it is easy as your students have a limited knowledge base.
•      To Train  Master NLP  one has operate  on two levels  and  track multiple  levels of consciousness and keep ahead of your students who have a solid knowledge ofNLP.
•      To train Trainers of NLP one has to do all of the above and install the mindset needed to be successful as a leader of leaders. You have to be comfortable  with the inner workings ofNLP and Hypnosis as your students are teachers.
All  trainers  have  experienced  events  or  circumstances  that  lead  to our  students  responding  in ways  that challenge  us deeply  and  this can  cause self  doubt, fearful,  or  left us  less than  resourceful.  Although  we cannot  control external  events we can learn to use EVERYTHING  as a leaning experience  for our students and for us. This will allow you to turn unexpected  situations, into a source of possibility  and opportunities that you can covertly install into the training.

Master Trainers need  to be able to operate at one level above what you’re doing at the time. You need to be able to track multiple levels of trainings and install these things in your students by the skilled use of waking hypnosis  and metaphors while teaching a conscious skill set.
As you may be awa re, a prerequisite of this course is NLP Trainer Training with  an NFNLP Trainer.
Dr. Horton  has created exercises especially  for you to explore, experiment, discover and learn, incorporating an exciting and refreshing synthesis  ofNLP, waking Hypnosis, metaphor  and story utilization, He brings his background of theater and performing to help you expand  your skills. This training is designed to take you to your deep inner  capacities to support, and expand your training style and the ways in which you have been thinking about  teaching, learning  will deeply change. And, knowing Dr. William Horton, you can know they will be laughs, delightful surprises, and much more to deepen  and expand your knowledge ofNLP and bring forth greater potential into action.
In this training a select group of individuals will learn:
•Grow you skills  and abilities to levels of excellence in story telling and waking hypnosis in ways that will blow your mind.
•Learn to  use  whatever attitudes, states, or  responses that come  from your  audience  and use them  as examples, and metaphors for what you ‘re trying to teach or have your group experience.
•You will grasp the true subconscious relationship between teaching and  lea rning, and will grasp how to take  your  new  on  the  spot  learning  and  transform   it  to  you  group  and  have  them  think  your  genius  is apparent.
•Break whatever fears that have stopped your true growth as a trainer.
•You will learn how to take the fearful, a nd stressful a reas and tum them into things that are fun and easy to do.
•How  to use nested  loops in your waking hypnosis as you train.
•The smaller class size will enable deep interaction for more learning.
•Each student will receive personal  follow  up by phone and email to ensure growth and that you reach your goals. TillS PERSONAL COACIDNG BY DR.HORTON alone is worth the fee for the class!

If  you  think you have the skill set, or would like to develop one, to be a leader in our field join us on the path less traveled the path of excellence and commitment.

This class  is normally $3995  but there is a limited  time discount  to $1995.

You need  to register NOW!! Payment  plan available call for details

NFNLP :(941) 408-8551

Spiritual NLP Malaysia : +6019727 7111

Are You Living Your Dream or Your Destiny?

I have been giving a lot of thought lately about the difference between living your dream and living your destiny. Many of us think they are one in the same, and they may be, but what if they are not?
What if your Dream is a method of living your Destiny, or if your Dream, gives you the tools to live your Destiny?
Like many of us in NLP I only see this concept when I am working with it in others, and somehow I am blind to it in myself. Sort of like research bias, you see what you wish to, or in this case I am blind to it as maybe I cannot see it, OR maybe my (your) subconscious knows we are not ready to handle it.
I have worked with many clients who dream of something and have done things toward it, but they seem to be constantly pulled in another direction and they enjoy that and can’t reconcile the dream with the destiny.
In the movie “Field of Dreams” the town doctor had dreamt of playing Pro baseball, and made it to the majors, but never got to bat. He decided to become a Doctor.
When The field of dreams was built, the now elderly doctor stepped onto the field of dreams and was at bat with the greatest players in history. At this pivotal moment when he was going to live his dream, a young girl was injured and needed a doctor to live, but if he stepped out of the dream he never could return.
He saved the girls life. When asked he said he did not get to live his dream, but it allowed him to live his destiny.
Lets look deeper, the skills of making, if only for a moment, to the pro’s the skills needed. DRIVE, DISCIPLNE, DESIRE, &  FOCUS among others.
He also had the dream and could enjoy it without bitterness, and take joy watching other excel at it.
I have been blessed with a Dream and a Destiny. I love theater and acting and still enjoy it, but it seems my Destiny has lead me in another direction.
As a trainer I use theater skills in teaching and presentations, and of course in story telling. It also gave me a perspective of having something and though my own choices, losing it. I had to let it go in order to reclaim it, in a new form.
Now the NLP and Hypnosis gave me something to bring back into theater. The circle of life.
When I work with a client who is stuck in a circle of chasing a dream, we need to explore if maybe their destiny is somewhere else.
So what is your Dream and is it tied into your Destiny? Can one drive the other?
Lets explore this more next time…..
Gods Speed

Leading From The Inside

How To Lead from the Inside
When one thinks of growth both personal and professional it is best to model those that have achieved success and focus on not on what they did, but the thought processes that drove them to this mission. Here are some items that highly successful people, and organizations tend to do better than the others.
1 Stay true to who you are for your clients and customers, do not be defined by who they are against. Stay on your path and let the others (competition) fight. By this focus you tend not to over react get into turf wars. Basically do what you do and focus on how you help your target markets get their goals.
2. Staying persistent and driven does not mean being inflexible, staying rigid will eventually break you as you grow through time, especially in today’s turbulent times. A Palm tree grows because it can bend. It also allows you to adjust your goals.
3. Develop good habits, many think of habits as a negative, but it is your subconscious programming, so train your subconscious or precociousness to react in positive ways to ensure your success.
4. Never get comfortable or complacent, Always strive to try new things or old things in new ways. This maintains growth and a new flow of things into your life and mission.
5.Always assume you do not know enough or that you have all the answers. In the current environment you have to seek new ways to accomplish your goals. Seek to add and improve your mind. This does not mean appear to have lack of confidence, but the opposite as true confidence is open to new ideas.
6. Put others before yourself, ask how you can help your clients, family and friend each day, service is the pathway to ongoing true success.
7. You do not have to be perfect, mistake are how you grow. Perfect is the enemy of excellent. Any top athlete can point to the setbacks each season as how they grow their game. If you wait for the perfect opportunity, or have that proposal perfect the opportunity slips away. Also do not hide your mistakes they make you human, and others can learn from them.
8. Let your passions and mission define you not your fears. Much like #1 stand  for what you love. If you let the fears dominate you will attract it to you.
9. Be loyal, to your clients, your mission, your students, your people and lastly yourself. Today’s corporate, political, and educational world decry the lack of loyalty, but they have forgotten loyalty starts at the top and must run both ways. You can hold people accountable without throwing them under the bus Also it allows people to make mistakes and correct them.
10. Be reflective as reflection allows the subconscious mind to review actions, beliefs, attitudes and adjust them, the great leaders, inventors, educators, and change agents spend time reflecting on what they are doing, how they are doing it, and what can they do better.
I hope to see you on the road to happy destiny.
Gods Speed till next time

Why Friend and Family Sabotage Success

Why Friends and Family Sabotage Growth &
Leading From The Inside
William Horton, Psy.D.

When I was teaching the Trainers course I was reminded of the why structure of why friends and family seem to sabotage personal growth.
As NLPers we do not look at the conscious reasons “WHY” but the subconscious structure of how they do this. Especially if they are consciously unaware of the actions they are doing (and the damage)
When I first dove into this I looked at other places where this happens not just personal growth like  becoming a Hypnotist or becoming Spiritual. What jumped out to me was when someone goes into treatment for substance abuse. People expect support and love and many times get push back and grief.
How many of us got some negative input when we started studying NLP & Hypnosis?
What is the structure of this negative energy to positive change?
When you attempt to change your identity and break away from the staus quo, you threaten (subconsciously) all those around you. If they hate or dislike parts of their lives and you have the courage to step up and change they percieve it as a threat to THEIR SELF IMAGE, and Their FALSE beleife they cannot change.
You have challenged the status quo of that group (or family) There senses  perceive it as an existential threat (as our friend Capt. Billy would say)
You are proof they could change, and proof they do not have the spiritual courage to change.
Your positive change is a true threat to their identity and as Virginia Satir showed us when one part of a system changes the system must change.
When I train in martial arts (and compete and fight) and act in plays and films  i get some negative feedback from other NLP & Hypnosis trainers as I am using our skills to live a life I CHOOSE.
When you change and grow in our field you will receive some negative vibes from friends and family, take it as feedback and pray for them to find the courage to change their lives and you stay on your path and lead the way.

Neuro Linguistic Hypnosis NLH

Neurolinguistic Hypnosis NLH

Here is the class many have asked for Neuro Linguistic Hypnosis, the course that will show you how to smoothly integrate NLP and Hypnosis effortlessly for greater impact. This course is perfect for those that have a lot of NLP and want to bring more formal trance work into their work. It is also a must for those who use hypnosis and have taken Basic& Master NLP but have trouble bringing the two together effortlessly.

This class will do a quick review of Basic NLP, Master NLP, and Basic Hypnosis, we will then work on having YOU MASTER the ability to bring the two together easily and effortlessly. Never again feel stuck for what to do with a client and feel CONFIENDENT in your abilities to choose the proper NLP technique and hypnosis induction to help your client achieve their goals.

NLP brings a complex structure that when understood and applied gives you the framework to understand your client. Hypnosis is the process to induce trance. To ensure success one must understand how to bring the two together. When done properly it is amazing and it works like magic.

Join us for a unique experience. This will be the most important course you ever take for your clinical skills. In these 5 days will finally take your skills to the next level and become the healer you truly want to be.

You dream of having the skills of a Milton Ericson, Richard Bandler, Dave Elman or Fritz Pearls, well now take your skills beyond those to new areas. You can do it, you have studied and read but you never had all the keys in one place, it’s not your fault, the answer was not there for you.

I have been there I searched and studied, NLP, Hypnosis, Reiki, EFT (TFT) Martial Arts, Psychology and more, then finally the system developed over years (30) and tens of thousands of client hours of experience I can share with you. I want you to succeed, but more I want you to excel.

For years Hypnosis and NLP were separated into different camps, I bridged that divide, but now many have an interest in profiting from not letting people have the true inner secrets (or they don’t know). You see it and know they keep you from achieving your potential as then you become a threat, I welcome you to the elite level.

Help me break the barriers and help take the skill sets to the next level. We stand on the shoulders of giants; let’s create a new level of skill and work together to help heal more people.

This training is 5 days that will revitalize your basic skills and give you some new skills you always wanted.

I have never taught this before and may not again, so join us for a rocking fun, fast, focused and intense training. August 27 to 31, in Florida (Sarasota Area). Regular price $1495, special $1195.

Call for details

The value priceless.


WOW! What a Surprise this is!! Not – for a hypnotist though.

Hidden Metaphors Get under Our Skin

Look around. Do you see four walls or an expansive vista? The answer could influence your ability to think creatively. A growing body of research suggests that our sensory experiences can trigger metaphorical thinking, influencing our insights and behavior without us even realizing it. New research reveals ways we might be able to harness these subconscious forces.

Consider, for example, the metaphorical idea that the heart is warm and emotional and the head is cool and rational. In a study in August in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, researchers led their subjects to believe they were investigating how people answer questions when using their nondominant hand. To ensure they did not use their dominant hand, the participants were instructed to place their dominant index finger either on their temple or on the left side of their chest. Participants who pointed at their head answered test questions more accurately, and those who pointed at their heart were more likely to let emotions sway their decisions in a moral dilemma. The finding adds to a rapidly growing list of metaphor effects: past studies have found that seeing forward motion can propel us to “move forward” in a metaphorical sense and that feeling smooth textures makes a difficult social interaction feel easier (or go more “smoothly”).

NEW! Erotic Mind Control

Naturally, everyone wants a vibrant and healthy sex life, but so many people experience frustration with their sex lives!  You hear songs, see movies, and read books that extol the ideals of life long passion…but somehow it never aligns with reality.
It starts with your parents, most of which avoid that talk about “the birds and the bees.”
Schools are quick to pass out condoms, and talk about STDs, but don’t talk about the emotions involved.
Religion and politics use shame and remorse to control your sexual behaviors.
Doctors only discuss “the medical” aspects of sex.
Psychologists and social workers use outdated “Leave It To Beaver” models, which is insane since over 55% of first marriages end in divorce!

Thanks to “Political Correctness,” SEX has been HI-JACKED!!!

The Politically Correct crowd talk about “INTIMACY,” often confusing it with “DESIRE and PASSION.”

When you talk about “Passion” and “Desire,” the chemicals in your brain LIGHT UP!!!

When you talk about “intimacy,” the neuro-pathways and chemicals in your brain calms your brain down.

Intimacy and Passion don’t nurture each other – they compete!

How many times have you heard “I love my partner, but we are more like roommates.  We share a lot, but something is missing.”

Now you can do something about it. Imagine helping others, and maybe yourself, reconciling these conflicting aspects.

What would happen…if you could learn to use Hypnosis and NLP to help others (and yourself) master the aspects of  SEX, by opening up the Erotic Mind?  Your clients could finally live that life filled with PASSION and DESIRE, and rekindle those old feelings whenever they wanted, and connect in deeper ways!
The truth shall set you free, but few have access to it, but now you do, if you have the courage to act, NOW.
The brain is the largest sex organ, and in order to release the Erotic Mind, you have to know THE TRUTH.  Those that understand hypnosis and NLP have the tools, they just need to be correctly applied. Sexual dysfunction is based in the mind.  Free the mind, and the rest will follow, easily and effortlessly.

I have been studying and helping people with these issues for 25 years.  I found these issues were closely interrelated in clients who saw me for weight loss, addictions, self confidence, compulsions, and of course in relationships.  When I studied the inner workings of the neuro-pathways in the brain, it all made sense.

My new course, Erotic Mind Control, will bust open the myths about sex, and open up the Erotic Mind for you and your clients, in ways you never thought possible.
 Learn your Erotic IQ and your Sexual IQ (they are very different) use this to teach others. 
Don’t let the PC crowd stop you from learning about this very personal, but yet core issue of human growth. Follow the road less traveled, the road to true freedom and happiness. Only you can convince yourself  to join the leaders who will help change the course.   
Miami September 13 and 14, 2014 prelaunch.
Official Launch!!!!
Venice September 27,28 2014
Regular Price $795 NOW $495

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