Higher Self Exercise

Accessing Higher Wisdom Technique By Catherine Warner – 2012
I got the idea for this after watching the escalator technique on the video. I put my students in a light trance state with a drum.
I had them close their eyes (they were laying on the floor in various positions) feel completely relaxed, warm, supported, etc.
Now I want you to imagine that you are floating upwards, up out of the house. You can see the roof of the house and the tops of the trees around us. Up higher and you can feel a light mist on your face and it feels nice. Your body is so relaxed and comfortable, and your mind is out here in the sky, you might hear some night birds, and you keep rising higher and higher.
As you continue to rise you notice there are stars around you and it’s very beautiful. You feel awed by this closet relationship to the heavens. And as you look around at the bright stars, you feel a powerful energy moving through you, it is like the whole universe is surrounding you with love and wisdom. As you take a deep breath, you realize that all the answers you could ever need are right here in this beautiful starlight, and you can access this energy any time you are confused or in doubt.
Take a moment to breathe deeply and fill yourself with this new and wonderful energy. Now lets bring this energy down into your body, and know that you now have all the answers you are looking for. Down now, you see the tops of the trees ad feel a fine cool mist on your face. Down through the roof, and feel your body. Feel your feet, and your hands, and when you’re ready open your eyes.

Dr. William Horton Wins Top Award


Deerfield Beach, Florida, 2016, The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) and The International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT) recently recognized Dr. William Horton with the Pen and Quill award at their annual Hypno Expo in Daytona Beach Florida in May of 2016, at their annual conference.

Dr. William Horton was recognized for his new ground-breaking book, “The Alcohol and Addiction Solution” and designing the world’s first Addiction Treatment protocol using Hypnosis and NLP at its core. Dr. Horton is considered the world most effective NLP and Hypnosis trainer and the leading expert in treating addictions with new cutting edge technologies. He has developed Neuro Restructuring Techniques to speed addiction recovery as never before. He is also the key-note speaker at the National Guild of Hypnotists Conference. To be held in Massachusetts in August of 2016.

Dr. Horton has won more awards in the field of Hypnosis than anyone and has won the Educator of the Year and the President’s award from IACT & IMDHA. He is a lifetime member of both organizations and has been in the field of Hypnosis/NLP and addiction for 30+ years. He has also won major awards from other organizations.

Dr. William Horton is a licensed psychologist, certified addiction counselor, and is the Creative Program Director for the LiveFree Online Addiction Recovery Program, which is the world’s first addiction treatment program that uses Neuro Restructuring Techniques, which use NLP and Hypnosis at its core to help clients overcome addictions from the inside out and they can do it from the comfort of their own home, so they can get better where they live.

Dr. Horton has worked and ran both in-patient and out-patient addiction recovery program and states: “It is time we update addiction treatment, as the system has not really changed in 50 years. It is time to bring addiction treatment into the 21st century and treat people in ways that are effective.”
Dr. Horton is available for interviews about his new book and the exciting new LiveFree program.

Secrets to Change part 2

Last week we talked about intention and the Neuro Feedback loop and how it could be holding you back.  Today we will go over the next Secret Key:

How Comfortable with change are you? This also sets up a neuro feedback loop that will also sabotage your success with clients. So what do I mean by this? How does ones own comfort level with change affect working with others.

If you understand that our energy field creates a feedback loop, (quantum level)  and our clients want to maintain rapport, so they will model your comfort level and model that unconsciously, so the change they are attempting will model how well you adapt to change.

Have you ever noticed when someone first gets into NLP and Hypnosis the sky is the limit? They experience great change in them selves and also with their clients. Is this not the case? So what happens? Why does that “Breakthrough Mindset” seem to fade. How does life get in the way of magic.

Society places belief and expectations that we unconsciously take in (unless we are diligent at all times). If we buy into change is hard, that it is challenging to X or Y, and we take it in, we attract this and make it real for us and our clients.

I started thinking about this years ago as I mentioned last week about the idea of why a lot of hypnotists gain weight and find it difficult to lose. It was recently brought to my attention again.

Reinventing yourself and why friend and family will sabotage you the most. When you change and reinvent yourself it challenges their self image at an unconscious level.

In addictions treatment most of the leading experts agree on the need for an person with an addiction to reinvent who they are, which they can do through therapy, the 12step program, religion, or some other way to replace the addiction self image. We have sadly seen many times people trying to recover go back to old friends (and sometimes family) who reject this new sober and clean you. “Who do you think you are, you know you will use again” is often heard and the person trying to connect. or stay connected follows the command.

This could be why we see better efficacy for success with those who create a whole new support network. Is it also possible that the support network, that helps at first can become constricting and hold you back later on?

How many of us in NLP and Hypnosis were so excited at our first conference, and wanted to share the unending possibilities of what we could do? Then some “Old Timer” kicked in with “The Truth” and your light started to die at that moment. I actually heard an old timer tell a new hypnotist “well you really can’t make money at this it is a calling”.

I thought “How dare you place YOUR limits, on this person?” What this really is how comfortably with change and growth reflects not only in your life, but those around you.

Change is the only constant in the universe, but how comfortable are you with any change?

Have you ever said:

“I hate this new music, in MY day we had real Music?”

“These new shows are all crap, I remember back when….”

“These new cars are nothing back in the muscle car days….”

“That’s not dancing,…”

“I refuse to go to movies, they don’t act anymore….”

“What is this new stuff, I learned the real, x, y or z…..”

That lets you know how reluctant you are to accept change, which will happen, with you or without you. It is a generalization, but it does seem to be an overall idea of change: CAN YOU EMBRACE IT? or DO YOU FIGHT IT?

This subconscious map goes out to the universe and come back to you, many times in how clients respond to change.

What happens when someone you know changes who they are, how they act, what they do. Do you go “Great for you” How can I help?” or just “Kewl”. If you resist or find a “Who they think they are?” it lets you know your internal change comfort level.

A story (yes a story) I recently had a change, one where I went back to the future. I grew up very country, my family was originally from Mississippi where they farmed, and I would visit my grandmothers farm twice a year. So the true country/cowboy mindset was what I grew up with, but got away from it for a variety of reasons. Then after my father passed I got one of his western belt buckles (with our initial  on it).

I don’t know what happened, but in the twinkling of an eye something shifted. I have really worn jeans in 30 years (except on a motorcycle) then I dug out my jeans and cowboy boots and hat. I started listening to country music again, for a part of me it was like going home.

What was interesting was a few things: People who knew asked me why or made comments. Which is interesting I don’t ask their permission or advice but they think they have the right to say something.

Those that do not know me just assume that is who I am. Then when they see me in one of my suits and dress shoes, they are surprised.

I recently was at a conference and one day wore a suit and the next had my jeans, boots, western jacket and hat, and people who knew me were taken back.

A few commented that this new me fit me better as I act like a cowboy anyway. George Bien, who I have known for over 30 years and is a dear friend and a person I respect, was the most insightful, “Will we should reinvent who we are every few years and not get stuck” (plus he loved the boots and hat).

So how comfortable are you with change, do you embrace it, or look for ways to enjoy it? As this is a key to that true change in others, accepting it in ourselves.

Next week the final key.

Secrets to Change

Over the next few e zines I will go over some little known secrets to change and the reasons many Hypnotists, NLPers, and therapists fail at implementing real change. I know that all of you, like me, want to help others achieve the change they want as easily, quickly  and naturally as possible.

Since we are all fans, firm believers and want this, why is there a problem? How many of us have searched for the answer, and of course all the internet guru’s teach classes on this. In fact it seems every week they have a new class on the subject. Depending on the list you end up on, the answers are, the Secret, mind power, Positive Mental Attitude, EFT, or some new NLP or hypnosis technique. The problem you get a new offer every day or two.

The interesting part is how can there be so many answers that do not work? What seems to be the true bottleneck to successful change?

As I think of this I am always reminded of Ormand McGill and an insight he gave me in 1992 that I have been working with since then and it has helped me improve my work, and it has lead me to a couple of conclusions based on how we now know about how the mind/brain actually works.  It also explains why the techniques work when they do, and why they may not when they don’t. It also sheds light on why it is easier for us to work with certain types of people and not others.

The first secret is Intention, but intention with a bio feedback loop few know about. Ormand would stress that the intention of the hypnotist (or therapist) is paramount for success. In the stage arena he talked about you have to picture the person doing exactly what you suggest, AND you had to have their best interests in mind so you have to have good intention.

We all have good intention, do we not, so why the problem? Subconscious blocks and the neuro feedback loop. This can be the success killer in many of us.

So how can a neuro feedback loop destroy your intention. Well it is actually a simple process. If you believe that for your intention to work and have that connection with your target (client) at a higher conscious level, you must be totally aligned with that intention your sending, or it will be blocked, and in fact your block may be transferred to your target.

The best example I have of this is when someone is teaching a prosperity technique, but they themselves do not manifest this, so their block will be sent to the target as well. The feedback loop in your subconscious is in place so to maintain congruence with your true belief, you send out the energy to sabotage your target (client)  to ensure your beliefs are supported.

Many people try to get around this by saying they don’t want the financial rewards or whatever, but you inner mind follows through on those true desires. I also see this in weight loss, where a hypnotist who has a weight issue has only so much success with weight loss clients. It seems to be easy to get them to an area, YOU BELIEVE SUBCONSCIOUSLY, is right, and it will be as easy or as difficult for your client as it is for you. Both in weight, prosperity or whatever it is your working on.

A story: A few years ago I had gained some weight, OK I got fat, but it was in alignment to my beliefs at that time, and those of those around me, and most of people I were around had gained weight, BECAUSE DON’T WE ALL PACK ON WEIGHT AS WE MATURE? I also started having trouble with clients getting really super fit and lean (as was I). I consciously intended for them to get fit and lean, but I was not congruent in my own beliefs, was I not? They were modeling me at an unconscious level.

I started training hard in martial arts and decided to compete, so I knew I had to make weight, I also started hanging with super fit people. I dropped the weight and got into fighting shape. I went to 2 conferences and I got a lot of “Are You OK, you dropped a lot of weight” type statements. It kind of surprised me. To many I must have been ill to drop 15 pounds like that, in a few months. When I went deeper most of those who could not believe how easy it was for me, had my old beliefs, and many said it was not normal to look “that way” (abs, lean) at our age. When pushed they fell back into: “Well its just easy for you, and its not normal”. Interesting and many revealed their success with their weight loss clients had slowed down. This was when I first started the “Why are there so many fat hypnotists, NLPers, and nutritionists?”

Next week we will go over the little known secret of why your comfort with change, how easy you accept change in your life, will be a reflection of your success with others.  Then we will wrap up with how deal with these issues. There is a great story with this.

Till next time, Gods Speed.

Build Your Practice

I have been so busy what I do, training and working with people that I have not followed through on my plan to teach those that are interested in expanding their careers as NLP and Hypnosis professionals!
Why did you first learn NLP or Hypnosis? What was that first passion like? I know that you, like me, understand that the power of the mind is awesome and want to share it with the world! The more you think about it, the more you really easily see to need to do the steps needed to grow your skills?

I taught a NLP 4 Sales class that went well and it made me realize how much I want all of you to be as successful as I have been in this field. Are you doing all you want in your office/speaking life? Do you want to see more clients, expand your speaking career and  Speak internationally?
What is your dream NLP/Hypnosis career?
Practice Builder Course: October 2014 Venice FL

Naturally we want to earn an income equal to our skill set and
Many people are experts in change work, but amateurs when it comes to building a business using those skills. We spend  money trying to do what we think is right, or we follow advice from the wrong people and waste both time and money.
Unfortunately many who teach a practice builder have never really had a true practice or speaking career if they did they only know one approach.
So what is one to do? Take a course from someone who has ran multiple offices, in different settings and let them help YOU develop a practice you want! Someone who you know has traveled the world teaching what we do!
CAUTION do not take this class if your happy with your income and type of practice. Do not SIGN UP NOW if your speaking where and when you want. This class is only for those who are ready to go to the next level!
Why take this course? I have ran 2 “SUPER” practices seeing 75 plus clients a week, in two different states. A small part time practice (earning about 1K week) a specialty practice (addictions) and worked as a Sports consultant. I have also been a clinical director of a Psych Unit, and ran an outpatient unit.
I have spoken and taught all over the world!
I know what works and what does not. I have wasted thousands of dollars taking bad advice (like build your practice speaking at charity functions, a total waste of time and energy or speak as a way to vacation, another lie) I have also broken the myth of “All my clients come from referrals, or advertising does not work (yea that’s why COKE stopped) .  But more importantly what and how to advertise in a changing world. Learn from my mistakes and save yourself time and money.
In this small hands on class we will focus on YOU and YOUR goals, one on one, groups, even speaking or training. How to do the practice you want.
Only you can convince yourself now that your finally ready to come off the bench and get into the big game.  I will teach things I have never shared before!
The regular price of this course is $995, but I am going to do the October 2014 for only $495, so sign up now. www.drwillhorton.com

Firewalk Into fear

We just completed a Basic and Master NLP with Miami Hypnosis where we did a Fire Walk, Glass Walk, Arrow Break (Neck), Free Fall, and Bend a Steel Rebar (with neck) it was fun, look for pictures in the future. It was interesting as the firewalk I have done but the free fall off the ladder was a challenge for me (trust issues) and the bending the steel rebar with my throat was way cool, even though as I was doing it I keep thinking “Wow four years of voice lessons and I am breaking arrow and bend steel with my throat”.
Naturally it was a joy to watch the students face their fears and step into the problems and through them.
To me the real breakthrough with Firewalks, glass walks, and even the arrow and steel is YOU HAVE TO STEP INTO WHAT YOU FEAR TO DEFEAT IT, so stepping into the red hot coals, leaning into the arrow or steel, is the only way .
So what fears do you need to step into? What are you hesitating to do? I recently after a several year sabbatical I am actively coaching and mentoring, HOWEVER I do not mentor anyone till we at least do a short coaching program, that is to make sure you can work with me, and that I can REALLY HELP YOU.
Now I am off to and NGH NLP Trainers course so till next time
Gods Speed & step into your fears.